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Amazon is a fantastic venue.  It controls 43% of all online sales and 5% of total retail sales. It is expected that Amazon will eventually dominate the market as a whole. However, it has a long way to go in quality control of product representation. This is where an Amazon consultancy can drive branding, quality control, and revenue increases.

Amazon’s market share is rapidly increasing.

  • 304 million active Amazon accounts
  • 100,000 small businesses make over $100,000 selling annually on Amazon
  • 55% of all online shoppers check Amazon first
  • 43% of all online retail sales in the US went through Amazon in 2016
  • 7.5% of the entire Seattle population works with Amazon
  • 1 in 4 Americans have an Amazon Prime account
  • 51% of Americans prefer to shop online

Total U.S. eCommerce Sales

  • (in $ billions)

Amazon Future Market Share of U.S. eCommerce

  • Percentage of Market (%)

Our Story



We entered the marketplace in 2016 out of a desire to provide our own brands with an accurate representation and to maximize online revenue.

Our products were selling on Amazon, but we had little control. Rudimentary and inaccurate listings were prevalent. Pricing was unregulated and marked by unauthorized internet MSRP violators.

Anyone can list products for sale on Amazon. Invariably, this lends havoc to price protection and consistency required for quality product listings.

Amazon sales with an Amazon consultancy



TGW Company worked to establish a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller account with Amazon.

We launched extensive product page re-writes of over 50 products to maximize brand content, professional graphics, and optimize keyword copy.  We analyzed all category placements to enhance exposure then utilized the Amazon marketing tools (brand registry, sponsored ads, enhanced brand content) to drive additional traffic to our products.

The next major task was to “clean up” the unregulated dealer base.  In an arduous lengthy process, we drove MSRP enforcement policies and eradicated unauthorized Amazon sellers.  This set the stage for another exponential increase in high margin and unsullied market selling.

Along the way our e-commerce team developed research techniques to identify new product target areas across several markets that were in our wheelhouse of manufacturing capability.  In 2017 we launched 15 completely original products dedicated to Amazon only distribution.



The end result of our 18 months of immersion was an eCommerce revenue growth of 2,800% expanding to include customers in 40 different countries.  In dollars, our represented products grew from $70,000 annually in online distributor sales to 2 million through our FBA account.




Online growth

Meet the Team

  • Tyler Weng


  • Marshall Kellenberger

    eCommerce Manager

  • Anthony Damico

    Business Development Manager

  • Jeff Wicks

    Web Master

  • Owen Kellenberger

    Communication Specialist

  • Garret Weng

    Marketing Associate


Channel Strategy & Management

  • Evaluating Amazon account setup, and optimizing the account according to best practices for growth, including deeper categorization and brand presentation/brand control strategies.
  • Channel financial planning and forecasting, analytics and reporting, inventory analysis and opportunity identification, and promotions/price planning.
  • Listing and availability issues identification and resolution with active Amazon Seller Central interface.
  • Providing guidance, setup and management of promotional and merchandising opportunities to maximize visibility of client’s brands and products on Amazon including but not limited to Sponsored Products campaigns, Headline Search Ads, Lightning Deals, Amazon Promotions, Giveaways, and other merchandising.
  • Expansion recommendations and presentation of growth opportunities including research on additional product demand on Amazon, recommendations on Amazon Business Selling, Amazon 1P participation, Amazon Global selling.
  • FBA forecasting and profitability analysis, expansion to include additional products where possible .

Content Consulting

  • Create category-specific and brand-specific style guides that cover best-in-class title, bullet, description, image, Enhanced Brand Content, and item data that can be extended for use across all eCommerce channels.   
  • Audit product images, produce additional content to improve search relevance, increase conversion, enhance branding and drive upsell.
  • Continuous audit of priority ASINs (promotion qualifying sets, pre-launch, seasonal high-velocity products, and additional products identified by client).
  • Search analysis providing guidance on high and low converting terms and under-utilized relevant terms for each product line.
  • Recommend Enhanced Brand Content page production. Analyze which products can share pages, how to reference other products to maximize up-sell and cross-sell, and prioritize recommended production based on ROI potential.
  • Organize products into optimal variation groupings and execute creation of variation groupings on
  • Update item data (including item-type-keyword on Amazon) as necessary to optimize product categorization and search filter functions.
  • Create a strategy, recommend budget and return-on-spend targets, execute search and detail page campaigns, and provide analytics reporting.

Operational Logistics

  • Component sourcing and purchasing
  • Full manufacturing and assembly capabilities
  • Warehousing, inventory management, FBA integration
  • Freight Logistics

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